The perfect initiation to the Arctic! Send your guests on a snowshoeing trip off the beaten path, exploring north-Norwegian fauna and flora along the way.

Tour Description

You are met at Lyngen Adventure HQ where your guide will go through the plan for the day and ensure everyone is well equipped. We will take the time to explain arctic clothing and layering, and the importance of staying warm and dry. You will recieve snowshoes and a backpack that contains poles,reindeer skin, 1 birch log, and a packed lunch (Thermos with hot carrot and ginger soup; Vegan). We then head into the wild on our track of the day, which is chosen each morning on the guide briefing to ensure the best path for the current conditions.

At the track you will learn how to put on the snowshoes and basic technique, talk about local flora, fauna and history or other points of interest. Giving you a good knowledge of the local wildlife. If we are lucky we might spot Arctic creatures or their tracks, like moose, hare, fox, or even the majestic eagle. During the day your guide will also make sure that you learn how to make a bonfire from scratch in a safe and efficient way. When the fire is lit we will show how to set up a temporary camp and protect oneself from the elements, before we sit on our reindeer skins and enjoy our hot soup together. After lunch we head back to the car and are transporter back to HQ for goodbyes and further transportation if ordered.


Activity: 2 Hours or more (depending on group size and stamina)
The activity duration varies and strongly depends on the group. We take our time and do our best to ensure that all guests get a good experience.

Practical Information

We will provide you with suitable warm clothing, however it’s recommended that you dress in warm base-layers beforehand. The trip is somewhat challenging physically but also rewarding.

From Lyngseidet (10:45) – 1190 NOK

We meet at Lyngen Adventure HQ at 1045 and try equipment. By 11:00 we are headed out the door and jump in our van for a 5 minute drive towards a nice and easy beginners track. Our track allows for much variation so there should be plenty of fun challenges for everyone. From fun downhills to technique training on the flat. During the day we will have time to sit down outside and enjoy a hot lunch together.

From Tromsø (08:45) – 1690 NOK

You meet at Scandic Ishavshotel at 08:30 (15 minutes prior to departure) and find the bus marked “Arctic Route – Lyngen 902”. The driver will be expecting you.  The route is nice and scenic and you will see some fjords and beautiful snow covered valleys on the way. At roughly 10:00 you will stop at “Breivikeidet” where you will get off the bus and board a ferry on foot. We will you on the other side for the last stage of the transport to village of Lyngseidet in the middle of the Lyngen Alps. The day will then continue in the same way as above, before we get you on your transport back at 14:10 from our office.

Read our faq or contact us if you have any more questions.



Northern Lights


Prices: from 1190 NOK p.p
Available: Des-March
Start: 10:45 from Lyngseidet
Duration: 3 hours not including transportation
Route: Snow track
Age limit: 10 **
Difficulty: beginner
Requirements: Warm baselayers

*Season and weather dependant
** Each child under the age of 18 has to be accompanied by and adult

Terms and conditions

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