The main reason why many tourists come to north-Norway is to watch the magical dancing Aurora Borealis, naturally the disappointment is high when some miss their chance. You have spent a lot of money and travelled far, so off-course you want to make sure all the odds are in your favour. But the northern lights are a mystical phenomenon and loves to play hide and seek, so we have written down som hints and tips to up your chances and help make your trip to Norway a successful one!

Because of our placement within the center of the Aurora zone, actually the northern lights are always there, visible from Autumn to early spring, and strongest during dark clear nights. So technically its possible to spot them on any given day, but there are some considerations. So without any further ado, here are our top 5 tips for spotting northern lights:

Get out of the big city!

The Aurora may always be there, but the darker it is the easier to spot. So avoid bigger cities with lots of light pollution. Luckily our fantastic partners can help you out if you need a place to stay. Just check out our accommodation page.

Extend your stay, don’t roam around

It’s a given, but the longer you stay, the bigger your chances. According to the university of Tromsø its not an exaggeration to claim that you can see visible northern lights on every other clear night.

Stay alert, and ready to go

The lights are mysterious and tend to disappear as fast as they came. Keep your jacket and shoes by the door.

Sleep long (have the extra cocktail)

The lights are at their strongest from about 21:00 and out. So staying up a few hours past bedtime might increase your chances significantly.

Check the weather forecast

We said that the lights are always there, but that doesn’t help if you can’t see them. If it is cloudy weather your chances are poor, but that gives you some free time to enjoy the other sights Lyngen has to offer.

Check out our tours or give us a call, and we will happily arrange a winter adventure for you!

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