Summer & Hiking

Long fjords, lush valleys, huge glaciers and steep summits. Lyngen has it all and is the perfect summer destination that no-one knows about.

Picture yourself hiking in a cooling evening breeze while the midnight sun illuminates your way. The only sound you hear are the flowing rivers, sheep bells and the wind dancing around huge mountains. That’s what Lyngen is all about!


Our favourite summer activities

Small groups, local knowledge and experienced guides guaranteed.

1 Day Excursion


Have you ever dreamt of paddling the Norwegian fjords, surrounded by jagged...

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Hiking – Private

Hire a local guide for the day and make sure you get...


Distillery Visit

Drop-in at the Worlds Northernmost Distillery: Aurora Spirit! Here you can spend...

Mountaineering Island

Lyngen has been known for hundreds of years as a mountaineering destination, and many great legends has attempted some of their most spectacular adventures here. From the great mountaineering legend and philosopher Peter Wessel Zapffe and his failed attempts at summiting Piggtinden. To Elisabeth Main, a strong figure who during a time where women climbing mountains were unheard of; Achieved numerous first ascents on her expeditions to Lyngen.

We definitely have a heritage to maintain, and spectacular summits to be proud of. However it’s not about climbing the highest summit or trekking the longest trail, but simply taking part in an exploration and experience our beautiful region with the same enthusiasm and sense of adventure as those before us.

If you are up for it our guides will take you out there and show you our favourite hikes, and we’d like to welcome you to a challenge.

So get out there, explore, conquer and roam. But let’s keep our mountains clean for the generations to come and leave no trace!


Glacier in the Summer

Lyngens many glaciers allow for icy adventures even in summer