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Long fjords, lush valleys, huge glaciers and steep summits. Lyngen has it all and is the perfect summer destination that no-one knows about.

Picture yourself hiking in a cooling evening breeze while the midnight sun illuminates your way. The only sound you hear are the flowing rivers, sheep bells and the wind dancing around huge mountains. That’s what Lyngen is all about!


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Lyngen - The mountaineering island

The Lyngen Alps is an iconic landmark. Strong erosion in a very hard bedrock has led to a alpine and mountainous terrain with jagged peaks and high altitude differences surrounded by fjords. In this alpine mountain range lies a number of glaciers, and here you will find the highest mountain in the county of Troms Jiehkkevarri (1834 masl).

The mountain range in Lyngen has been known for centuries as an adventure destination for mountain climbers and expedition trips. From the Norwegian philosopher Peter Wessel Zapffe and his unsuccessful attempts to ascend Piggtinden, depicted in the book “Barske gleder”. To Elisabeth Main, a female front figure responsible for several first ascents in the late 1800s, a time when rock climbing was a totally unheard of behavior for a woman.

Today, road connections are better than in the 1800s and the mountains have become much more accessible. Combine this with modern hiking equipment and maps, many of the peaks that were previously a far away dream are suddenly doable as day trips. But the mountains and valleys are still untouched and the Lyng Alps are now protected under the Lyngsalpan landscape conservation area.

Fjord view from a guided trip

Fjord view from one of our guided trips

Glacier in Lyngen

More than 10% of the Lyngen peninsula is covered by snow and ice year around! This allows for spectacular views

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