69 degrees north, big peaks, glaciers, and shocking views

The Lyngen Alps are one of the most unique and greatest mountain destinations in the world. This remote and mostly vacant mountain range offers a lifetime of discovery and experiences that few places on earth can match.

The Lyngen Alps are famous for couloir skiing, big steep faces, and the unique “Ski and Sail” experience. Intermediate and Advanced skiers will feel challenged and rewarded. Glaciers and summits offer magnificent views of the open ocean and fjords. 

During spring and summer the arctic flora bursts to life in the midnight sun, Reindeer roam free, and waterfalls are the only sounds you hear. Photographers will be challenged to capture the magnificent colors and vistas. Yogis will find zen and trail runners will have a hard time not tripping while they’re distracted by the scenery. 

Adventuring well above the Arctic Circle is an experience that is never forgotten. 

Warm beds and fantastic mountains, we got you covered!

Intermediate level

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Accommodation in Lyngen

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A Ski Mountaineer’s Dream

Sea level to 1800m, fjords, icefields, no crowds and no lifts, the Lyngen Alps are waiting for you to discover them. These mountains offer exploration like no other mountain range in the world. Why? Well that’s because you probably haven’t heard of them, and if you have, you most likely don’t know much about them.

How long should I stay?

To do this properly you need to be here and experience this special mountain range for at least a week with a local certified guide. From our central base in Lyngseidet we can access all corners of the Lyngen Alp peninsula easily and efficiently. Don’t worry about being stuck on an island or having to drive 4 hours to manage the weather. We are central to everything and have access to some amazing locations so your ski adventure awaits. 

When to go?

The ideal time to ski here begins in March and can last all the way until June when you can ski in the sun 24 hours of the day. It is truly a unique experience being able to sleep in and then ski alpenglow at 11pm in the evening.

These trips are perfectly designed for intermediate and advanced ski tourers with adventure in their heart. 

If you need more information regarding your options in our beautiful region, please dont hesitate and contact us straight away!

Adventure awaits


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