Northern Lights

No light pollution, exciting daytime activities and a dry climate makes Lyngen the perfect northern lights holiday destination.

Combine this with spectacular scenery & fun and exciting activities in the rural north-Norwegian countryside, and you have what is in our opinion the perfect recipe for a great winter holiday.

Some Great Activities

Camp Troll – Snowmobile Safari

Please watch this instructional video before your arrival .embed-container { position:...

Lavvu + Bonfire

Northern Lights & Cosy Lavuu Bonfire

Join us in Lyngen, for one of the best ways to start...

Unique Tour

Aurora Spirit Distillery WITHOUT Transfers

Book a guided tour at the worlds northern most distillery with complimentary...

Did you know that our placement within the Aurora oval zone, combined with our high mountains gives us some of the highest probabilities in the world to spot northern lights?

When you are in Lyngen chasing the northern lights is easy! Go outside and look up, if you can see the northern lights or stars just enjoy the show, if you cant go back inside have a cup of tea and try again in an hour. It’s honestly that simple.

The reason for this is due to the simple fact that we are positioned directly below the northern lights oval, meaning that if there is just the slightest northern lights activity we will see them (Given that the sky is clear).

And since our mountain range the Lyngen Alps blocks off a lot of the coastal storms and weather, this gives us a quite high percentile of clear sky over the course of a year. Combine this with the fact that we are in rural Norway and light pollution is low, you have all the advantages on your side.

Check out some of our activities live and alive!