Lyngen Sherpa Stairs

(NB: The Lyngen stairs are still under construction, but the first stage is ready for public use. An excellent climb up to a beautyful viewpoint) When completed it will offer a continuous walk from the center of Lyngseidet up to 900 meters above sea level.

Built by sherpas

A central part of the Lyngen stairs is the Sherpa stairs, which are built by Sherpas from Khunde in Nepal.

The stone staircase that will have approximately 1100 consecutive steps. The Sherpa stairs are ca 1.5 meters wide, and have a step height of approximately 25 centimeters and an entrance of at least 35 centimeters.

These are high-class crafts, delivered by Sherpas who proudly carry on the traditions of their ancestors – only now in the Lyngen Alps.



Sherpa Stairs gives you fast access to altitude. After only a few steps you will be able to enjoy great views of the Lyngen alps and Lyngseidet.

At the top of the Sherpa stairs, once finished (July 2022), there will be arranged for further hiking routes, some which will take you to some of the most extreme views in Arctic Lyngen. Most of these hikes will consist of a mix betwen paths and short stretches of stone stairs in the steepest parts.

Read more about the initative of these stairs on this link (in norwegian):

Starting point

The start of the Lyngen Stairs is very close to Lyngseidet City Center. Just above the local hotel; “Lyngseidet Gjestegård”. 


Use the map below to find suitable parking spaces.