Aurora Spirit is our biggest partner, and this week we were finally invited out for a view at their ongoing build!

Aurora Spirit?

A couple of years ago, a doctor and a scuba diver were relaxing in a cottage in Arctic Lyngen. Why and how is not important, but at some point Hans (the doctor) and Tor started discussing a common interest; good food and drinks. Coming from the travel industry they both agreed that there was a lack of local quality drinks for the emerging tourist industry in the northern regions of Norway, especially related to the fast growing northern lights industry.

Hans had visited several distilleries in Scotland and had observed that the Scottish nature resembled northern Norway. He had visions of establishing a distillery here as well. It was during that conversation that the idea of an arctic northern light alcohol brand was born.

Thanks to a very helpful Lyngen municipality the foundation work started late 2015. The worlds northernmost distillery will open early 2016. Here Aurora Spirit will be making some of the purest drinks in the world and guests can enjoy the spectacular visitor centre and learn about making alcohol under the northern lights.

Needless to say, we cant wait until the opening.


One huge distillery


Soon ready for production!


We could easily mistake it for a piece of art