Frequently asked questions

We hope these answers will help you plan and enjoy your stay.

Do you have further questions and inquiries, you can reach us by e-mail and by phone  +47 775 24 777

How to get here

Situated on the Lyngen Peninsula, we are a relatively short drive from the city of Tromsø. Approximately 1 hour and 20 minutes by car.

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What to pack

While we do serve snacks and beverages on most of our tours, some of our tours are extensive and we advice that you bring a small backpack or similar with some extra clothes, water and snacks should you need it.

Most of our tours offer clothing specific for the activity, but we don’t offer personal clothing, like base layers, hats etc. Feel free to read “How to pack for the arctic” or e-mail us if you have any questions.  And don’t forget a camera for capturing the one of a kind Lyngen magic!

How to dress

North-Norwegian weather can change quickly, so it’s always a good idea to bring an extra jacket or similar. Pack a pair of gloves in case it gets windy, and a pair of good hiking shoes or boots and you should be ready to go!

Safety on board the RIB

Your safety is important to us, that is why we have gone above and beyond the safety requirements. All our equipment is inspected regularly and our captain has experience from search and rescue operations. That’s how we can confidently say that our RiB tours are safe for everyone.

See passenger instructions below

  1. This activity requires that participants feels in good physical shape.
  2. Check survival suit – tight cuffs and belt.
  3. Attach flotation device correct and adjust if necessary.
  4. Always keep some weight on your legs, never sit heavily on the seat.
  5. If you are standing, then do so with a bend in your knees.
  6. Always hold on tight and keep your hands on the bars in front of you.
  7. Do not change places or move around in the boat while under speed.
  8. Raise your left arm in the air if you get scared, tired or sick.
  9. In the case that someone falls overboard, alert the captain immediately –  do not let the man overboard out of sight.
  10. Keep your head up, do not bend down between seats or against your fellow passengers.
  11. Pay close attention to the sea and conditions around you.
  12. Always anticipate unexpected and sudden movements in a RIB.
  13. Passengers that are pregnant, have problems with back, knees, neck, or other physical limitations must always notify the captain before departure. We reserve the right to reject people with these health problems, or sit them at designated places appointed by the captain.
  14. Visibly intoxicated persons vil not be permitted onboard the vessel.
  15. Follow captain’s instructions if an emergency should arise – Stay calm.
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Terms and Conditions

We have put some restrictions on our tours and participants. If you have any questions beyond this feel free to contact us at any time.

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Best time to see the northern lights?

Because of our location within the center of the Aurora zone, actually the northern lights are always there, visible from Autumn to early spring, and strongest during dark clear nights. But it is a mystical phenomenon and love to play hide and seek, luckily we have written a post about it:

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