Covid-19 Policy changes

Due to the current Coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak, we wanted to reassure future guests that our team is working extremely hard to develop fair policies in line with government guidelines. It is important to us that you feel safe during your holiday stay and we want to reassure you that we are following the latest hygiene and safety routines; at our accommodation, during transport, at food service and during our activities.

You can read more about infection control and industry standards here: 

We are trying to be as flexible as we can so it can be easy for you to travel safely and securely to our accommodation and activities however we are aware that the situation can change quickly.

If you have to cancel or change your travel plans due to Covid-19:

We recommend that you have a valid travel insurance, so that your insurance company can refund you if you have to cancel due to the Corona Pandemic situation. This includes if you must be quarantined because you are ill, have been tested for the coronavirus and are waiting for a test result or have been diagnosed with a Covid 19 (Corona) infection.

If you make a booking for an activity, package or accommodation the bookings made directly through us are fully refunded within our terms and conditions and if there is a compulsory travel ban or government guidelines change due to Covid-19 (Corona)*. This is currently valid up until the 31st April 2021. If you are travelling with us at a later date, our regular cancellation policy applies but we may alter and improve these conditions as the situation develops. Read our terms and conditions here:

Our Current Corona Cancellation Policy, Valid Until 31 04 2021:

We are aware that at the moment people are concerned about travelling in the future and may not want to “risk” making bookings. so we want to re-assure you that if you make a booking for an activity, package or accommodation with arrival date before the 31 04 2021 the bookings made directly through us are fully refunded up to 7 days before your arrival*- if there is a compulsory travel ban or government guidelines change due to Covid-19 (Corona).

  • Accommodation: Free cancellation up until 7 days before arrival
  • Activities: Free cancellation up until 7 days before the start of the activity
  • Packages (composite services): Free cancellation up until 7 days before the day of arrival

If the cancellation occurs between 7 and 0 days before arrival / start time, no refund will be given and we ask you contact your travel insurance company. We can support in providing necessary documentation if needed to assist with a claim.

In some circumstances and subject to certain conditions we may offer guests the opportunity to move their booking to a future date depending on availability and inline with other policies of the reservation. If you change your dates and the property/activity has availability there may be a difference in price (higher or lower). This may be due to seasonality or different rates on weekdays versus weekends. If the rates are higher, you will have to pay the difference between the original price and the price for your new dates. If they are lower, the price difference will be reflected in your booking.

If you need to cancel or change your booking, please contact All requests must be put in writing.

If you need advice or have questions about how to deal with the coronavirus (COVID-19) in Norway, you will find updated information on the National Institute of  Public Health’s website  and the  Government .

Currently the following rules apply in Norway:

The government advises everyone to avoid unnecessary travel, however if you make a booking with us you accept we will not issue a refund outside of our general terms and conditions or “Current Covid Policy” . For general information and health advice for travellers, we recommend visiting the World Health Organisation website: WHO

The National Institute of Public Health  has updated information on the rules that apply to travel to and from red and yellow countries and areas.

Everyone who arrives in Norway from red countries or areas must be quarantined for 10 days from the day you arrive in Norway.

Areas which are exempt from the quarantine obligation may change quickly.

Avoid public transportation if you can.

Avoid close contact with others.

You can find further information here: European Center for Disease Prevention and Control

If you have symptoms such as fever, sore throat, chest pain and difficulty breathing, stay at home or stay in the cabin / room, contact the reception by phone, or call your GP or emergency room on  116 117  for information on what you should do.

Do not go to the hospital or emergency room, but use the service numbers and explain your situation. This is the best and most effective way to get competent and quick help.

We are monitoring the situation closely and following the advice of  government authorities.

As the situation changes rapidly and governments issue advice and guidelines, our team is checking for updates and we will ensure we let you know any changes as soon as additional information becomes available.

At this challenging time for everyone, we’d like to thank you all for your continued support, patience and understanding.

*  Please be aware that you are only eligible for a full refund if a FULL COMPULSORY travel ban is actioned by either the Norwegian government or the government of your departure country to Norway, meaning you are not allowed to travel to Norway. Proof of a travel ban will be required before refunds are processed.