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Contact info:

Aurora Spirit Distillery as, Aroybuktneset 44, 9060 Lyngseidet, NORWAY

+4791904260 / post@auroraspirit.com


AuroraSpirit Distillery is located at Lyngen Resort, under the majestic Lyngen Alps in Northern Norway. The distillery is located at 69 degrees N.

The nearest airport is Langnes Airport , Tromsø. From Tromsø you can drive either:
– via Nordkjosbotn ( E8 – then E6 ) and turn off from Oteren towards Lyngseidet  (868), or
– via Breivikeidet ( Turn off at Fagernes – route no. 91 ) by ferry across the Ullsfjord

Both roads are signposted towards Lyngseidet .

When you get to Lyngseidet, follow the road towards Koppangen (approx. 10 km). Lyngen Resort is located on the right side of the road .

Click here for Google Maps – directions from Tromso to AuroraSpirit…

Check ferry timetables on the Bjørklids ferry shipping company’s website.

Distances to AuroraSpirit :
• From Tromso via Breivikeidet : 75 km (1 hr 45 min)
• From Nordkjosbotn via Oteren 70 km (1 hr 15 min)
• From the municipal centre Lyngseidet : 10 km (10 min)
• From Alta via Olderdalen 220 km (4 hr 10 min)


Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you located?
AuroraSpirit Distillery is located at Lyngen Resort, under the majestic Lyngen Alps in Northern Norway. The distillery is located at 69˚ N. For directions and map, please check: http://www.bivrost.com/contact/

Do I get to taste Whisky?
Our Whisky is not ready (by law) until November 2019, but we offer small tastings on the “new make” guided tour (in the bar). There is also the opportunity of having a Guided Whisky Tasting, as a separate product that you can book.

Can we buy bottles of Bivrost at the distillery?
Unfortunately, we cannot sell our products directly from the distillery. According to Norwegian law, wine and spirits for personal consumption may only be sold at the Vinmonopolet, the government-run alcohol retailer. An outlet is located approx. 10 km from the distillery.

Is it suitable for children?
The guided tour is suitable for children. We have a child rate for purchase at the front desk. Children can also get a soft drink and wait in the lounge. We will take care of entertaining them.