Dogs of the Arctic

Ever wondered what’s it like to live way up north? Read about the daily life of our fluffy locals!

We all know that Arctic people are somewhat eccentric and a little strange, which begs the question; how about their dogs? We guess it’s safe to say “Like owner, like dog”.

These crazy locals like to go on adventures and truly live life to the fullest. Say hello to our furry friends and the secret life of dogs in the Arctic.

Meet Olle the snowboarding dog!

Olle started snowboarding on his retirement days with his owner Sanna Kaivantola. pic by Esko Liukas, IG @eskoliukas

The most fearless snowball of the north! While travelling around the North with his adventurous owner, this cute Japanese Spitz surfed and lived his life to the fullest. Olle charmed everyone and even became famous for his special skills, being the most chill Arctic dog and having a varied range of different expressions.

He was a true smile spreader wherever he stepped in with his paws. Unfortunately last winter 14 years old Olle passed away to rest on the endless powder fields

Inseparable duo, Sanna & Olle in Lyngseidet 2019. All the essentials packed for an adventure. IG @snannannaa

Meet our friendly “wolf” Fenris the photomodel

Fenris knows how to strike a pose @fenristhetamaskan

Fenris is a Tamaskan dog, and well-known photoshoot model for Lyngen Adventure. He’s happy to meet people from all around the world and quite often you meet him enjoying outdoor life on the paths of Lyngen. This goofy young gun needs a lot of activities but also loves to cuddle with his owner Mads, the manager of Lyngen Adventure.

According to his owner he can be somewhat of a pain in the ass, but he sure looks good doing it! We think this whole photo shoot game might have gotten to his head.

Fenris at Steindalsbreen

Fenris cooling down in an ice cold bath at Steindals glacier.

Meet Edda the Climbing dog

Edda and her owner / our climbing guide Ulla at Karnes crag.

Edda the brave is a Finnish Lapphund with a maternity instinct for all around her. Whether you are hanging from a wall of rock or a frozen waterfall she seems to find her way up there and make sure everything is all ok. How she does that is beyond our understanding, but we guess having 4-leg drive has it’s advantages.

If you want to meet Edda our climbing team and their dogs are preparing for the winter and waiting for you to come climbing with us. Edda the avid guard makes sure that everyone is taken care of and involved along the way. Book your full-day ice climbing experience.

Edda the brave guarding the frozen waterfall

Want to meet some arctic dogs in real-life?

We have many amazing activity opportunities for dog lovers who want to explore the area with Lyngen huskies. We guarantee that their glacier blue eyes will charm you and their unique personalities will make your day more entertaining! Here’s our top tips:

Go dog-sledding and explore the scenic landscape with the husky power!

Looking for someone to help you through the spectacular valleys between the massive mountain ranges? These Lyngen huskies are always full of energy to take you into the wilderness around Svensby. As a driver you get a special chance to create a deep connection with the huskies when working with them.

Spend a spectacular day hiking with huskies

“When you go on the Husky Hike, you will get to have your own dog from our pack of eager and playful Alaskan huskies. Some are energetic and very social while others are calmer and more patient. We try to find a good match for all our guests so that both people and dogs have a great experience. The beautiful scenery of Lyngen provides the backdrop for this hike.” – Helga / Lyngen Outdoor Experience

Travelling with your own dog to Norway?

The extended leash law – Keep your dog in the leash.

As an owner it is important to know a few facts about having a dog here. There are a lot of sheep and reindeers grazing free in the area. They have only natural boundaries so it’s possible to meet them anywhere between the fjords and mountains. We recommend to keep the dog on a leash and under control at all times of the year but especially when the sheep and reindeers are roaming free. In municipality of Lyngen the leashes are mandatory 1.4 – 15.10.

Read more about reindeer and sheep herding in the Lyngen Alps.

Passport and vaccination

Before travelling to Norway with a dog check early enough that your pet has a valid vaccination, passport and a microchip. Check also if your pet has to go to a veterinarian for an anti-echinococcus treatment. The treatment is required in most countries before traveling to Norway.
Read more: Norwegian Food Safety Authority

Dog-Friendly hikes in Northern-Norway

The trail to Blåisvatnet

The trail towards Blåisvatnet is mellow but still a good challenge with all the rocks.

Many of the super classic hikes of Lyngen are also popular with dogs. The paths may be easier for the dog than the owner, but the rocky paths can cause problems for the dog as well. According to the experience of our dog friends, the boots can help more delicate paws crossing the rocks.
Fortunately, any dangerous snake or sneaky little ticks have not been spotted in Lyngen.
The big plus is also that the temperatures mostly stay suitable for our furry friends.

Måns at Blåisvatnet

Måns the East Siberian Laika loves to hang out at Blåisvatnet.

How about ski-touring with a dog?

Topptur to Rornestinden, IG @snannannaa

Skiing with a dog can be a great joy for both the skier and the dog. But to be honest, if you have any interest to bring your dog to the mountains, prepare for a long and nerve wrecking way to create a good connection with a dog. Consider the other outdoor people and the local birds that your dog may find attractive. Many dogs also like to run close to the skier without realizing the danger, so be carefull with the sharp edges of skis! But as we all know, the dogs love faceshots in powder too!

Where to curl up to sleep after a day outdoors? Check out our dog-friendly accommodation

There is a few accommodation opportunities for calm well-behaved dogs. We recommend to ask about available rooms from Magic Mountain Lodge or to book a dog-friendly Aurora Fjord Cabin. Overlooking the fjord your furry friend sure will appreciate the view as well!

Aurora Fjord Cabin

Aurora Fjord Cabin is the top choice for peace seekers. Fenris the Tamaskan approves.


What next? Go & explore the arctic with a furry friend!