Weather & avalanche forecast

Ski-tourer or split-boarder, planning is the most crucial step of any successful day
so dont forget to check the weather reports and avalanche forecasts.
Your safety is important to us!

We have our own official system for avalanches in Norway called Varsom (Careful) It contains bulletins, reports and lots of other useful information vital to planning a successful trip.
Check it out! »

For weather reports and forecasts there are multiple choices, but the locals most commonly use a page called Yr.
Check it out here: Weather report Lyngen Alps »

Other than that, we suggest following the Norwegian mountain code, it has been around since the 1950’s and not without reason. We call them “fjellvettreglene” and they were recently revised to fit with the new ways of exploring the mountains.

Here translated to English for your convenience:

  1. › Plan ahead and tell others where you go.
  2. › Adjust your trip to abilities and conditions
  3. › Consider the weather and -avalanche forecast.
  4. › Be prepared for storms and cold, no matter how short the trip.
  5. › Take with you the necessarry equipment to aid yourself and others in distress.
  6. › Make safe route choices. Recognise avalanche prone terrain and weak or unstable ice.
  7. › Use a map and compass, always know your position.
  8. › Turn back in time – theres no shame in quiting.
  9. › Save your energy, and seek shelter if necessary.