Camp Troll – Snowmobile Safari

Please watch this instructional video before your arrival


Before embarking on the trip all passengers must sign on this declaration:

As some of our services/adventures are defined as risk activities, all participants are required to ensure they have adequate insurance cover for the trip and any accident/illness which may arise during the tour.

Prior to the start of each activity, participants are required to familiarise themselves with these instructions and sign the attached declaration form. Some of the adventures should be regarded as challenging and unforeseen incidents can occur. All adventures have a basic level of safety.
• Experienced instructors
• All adventures are subject to continual evaluation in order to prevent injuries and incidents of a moderate to serious nature
• Experience with the climate and weather conditions in the areas where our adventures take place

As a participant (referred to as “Participant”) in an adventure or use of services provided by Camp Troll AS (referred to as Camp Troll), I hereby acknowledge that this is an activity that can carry a degree of risk for me as Participant:

1. By signing this declaration, I hereby declare that I as Participant voluntarily and at my own risk participate in the activities arranged by Camp Troll.

2. I hereby agree that Camp Troll. disclaims ALL liability for any injuries which may occur during my participation in the activities. This covers injuries of a physical, mental and material nature, including injuries which may come to light at a later date.
a. Any person who is pregnant, does not have a normal level of fitness or who is suffering from/has suffered from back, neck or other physical/mental ailments is discouraged from participating in some of our activities/services.
b. If you choose to participate in the given activity despite us recommending against this, you are doing so at your own risk. As Participant, I am obliged to inform the guide about such circumstances and confirm that I am choosing to participate at my own risk.
c. Participants are obliged to inform the guide immediately if doubts arise about their health conditions, which may have a consequence for their own safety or the safety of other participants.

3. I acknowledge that all personal belongings and property, including glasses, watches, jewellery, clothes, bags and electronic equipment, are brought on the activity at my own risk. Please be aware that there is a risk that electronic equipment, such as cameras, mobile phones and laptop computers, will get wet during the activities.

4. As a Participant, I acknowledge that I am obliged at all times to follow the instructions of the guide or crew. Failure to follow such instructions can endanger the safety of the crew and the other Participants.
a. People under the influence of alcohol or drugs/medication are not permitted to participate in Camp Troll tours.
b. Camp Troll retains the right to expel any person failing to observe point 4a from the tour without any form of compensation.

5. I am hereby obliged to utilise the safety equipment provided by the company and to ensure that it is used at all times.

6. For safety reasons, as a Participant, I am hereby obliged to alert or notify the guide/crew immediately if an injury, anything of an unpleasant nature or anything leading to the loss of a sense of security arises during the adventure.

7. Camp Troll.retains the right to cancel or amend a tour programme owing to reasons of safety, extreme weather conditions or force majeure.

8. Camp Troll is not liable for incidents connected to accommodation facilities or transport.

By signing this declaration, I hereby acknowledge that I am strongly limiting my possibility of claiming compensation from Camp Troll., its employees, owners and other participants for any injuries which may occur.

This declaration applies only for the Participants named on the declaration. The declaration shall be signed by each participant and handed to the guide/staff member/instructor affiliated with Camp Troll. prior to participation commencing. The insurance cost for snowmobile is max 600EUR, if you damage a snowmobile on unproper driving it will be charged in any case of damage. Max fee is 600EUR. As a Participant, I am fully aware of and acknowledge the above-mentioned limitations to the company’s liability as stated over two – 2- pages, and hereby consent to this with my signature.