MO – FR at 13.00
Group requests can be accomodated



Ca. 30 minutes
Capacity: Minimum 2 persons, maximum 12 persons


299 NOK per person


Arctic Axe Throwing experience!

Connect with your inner warrior and try the viking activity of Axe Throwing.

Axe throwing is more about relaxation and rhythm than brute strength. It is fairly easy to master, with most people being able to get the axe on target after a few attempts. We use custom made axes and provide excellent tuition to help ensure your success. A safe and fun activity for all aged 12+. Can you challenge “Tor’s” Axe throwing record?.

Practical information:

Conducted every day (M-F) at 13.00

The activity includes a basic instruction and throwing of different axe types.
Age limit: 12 *
Difficulty: Easy
Requirements: warm clothes (in winter time)
* Each child under the age of 14 has to be accompanied by an adult
Duration: 30 minutes
Price: 299 NOK per person.

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Axe throwing in Lyngen

Testing, testing!!!Klarer sjefen 2 treff med øksa? :)Will the boss make 2 hits with the axe? 🙂

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