7 Things you can Strike Off your Bucket List in Lyngen

If you thought everywhere within the Arctic Circle was perpetually covered in ice and snow, Lyngen will blow your mind. This beautiful municipality within Troms og Finnmark boasts a wide variety of scenery from lush green farmland to the snow-capped Lyngen Alps. Despite seeing polar nights in winter and midday suns in summer, the moderating effects of the Norwegian Current mean that Lyngen remains relatively warm in winter and cool in summer.

Lyngen’s unique position in the world combined with its relatively mild climate present you with countless opportunities to enjoy experiences many can only dream about. Come to Lyngen to strike these 7 things off your bucket list.

#1. See the Northern Lights

Worlds northern most distillery with Northern lights above

Northern lights hot spot Aurora Spirit Distillery @nightscape_photography

The Aurora Borealis is an awesome natural phenomenon that deserves a place in everyone’s bucket list. However, it’s not always easy to find these magical lights, even if you travel to the far north. By visiting Lyngen, you have some major advantages.

Lyngen is inside the Arctic Circle. This means that during winter, the nights are especially long and dark, making the lights more visible in the sky. Many people visiting Norway travel to the north to see the lights, and Lyngen is an ideal destination for this. Lyngen’s low population density means that there is very little light pollution on the peninsular, increasing the quality of the darkness in the sky.

Local guides in Lyngen can not only help you to find the best locations to observe the Aurora Borealis, but they can also help you to improve your photography techniques and entertain you with the mythical history of the Northern Lights. A final advantage is that the local climate makes Lyngen a warmer location to observe the Aurora Borealis than many others at the same latitude.

#2. Experience ski touring in the Lyngen Alps

photo: Ben Johns / Aurora Backcountry guides

Scandinavians have utilized skis for centuries to travel swiftly across the snow between remote settlements. Today, ski touring is a way you can explore the beautiful wilderness of the Lyngen Peninsula when the snow is too deep for hiking. On skis, you will witness scenes impossible to experience using a vehicle.

Before you go ski touring, you must ensure you are physically fit and have access to the right equipment. Fortunately, you can hire all the equipment you need from Lyngen Adventure. You’ll also need to dress appropriately for cross-country skiing. It’s easy to get lost in the snow, so you’ll benefit from skiing with a professional local guide who knows the best routes to take and will steer you away from dangers.

#3. Visit the world’s northernmost whisky distillery

When you live somewhere that can grow as cold as northern Norway, you need a little deicer in your bloodstream. That’s why it’s no surprise to find a world-class distillery in Lyngen.

The Aurora Spirit Distillery is the world’s most northerly whisky distillery. Standing in the shadows of the Lyngen Alps, the distillery utilizes glacial meltwater and local berries and herbs to produce a popular whisky with a unique taste.

Because the people of Lyngen are friendly and welcoming, it is possible to visit the Aurora Spirit Distillery and enjoy an Arctic Whisky Experience. On this guided distillery tour, you will learn interesting facts about Norwegian alcohol, from Viking drinking customs to the technology of modern alcohol production. You’ll even see inside their secret underground whisky bunker!

Alongside whisky, the Aurora Spirit Distillery manufactures other spirits under its Bivrost brand, including gin, aquavit, and vodka. During the tour, you are given the opportunity to touch and smell the raw ingredients sourced from the surrounding countryside. More importantly, you’ll also get to sample their famous whisky.

#4. Swim in ice-cold water

Blue ice lake is one of Lyngen’s most popular hiking spots @noskima

Have you ever watched documentaries about hardy folks who live in the far north and love to break the ice on top of a lake so they can enjoy a nice refreshing swim? Ever fancied giving that a go? Well, you can enjoy that refreshing experience on the Lyngen Peninsula.


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Blåisvatnet is a stunning Alpine lake formed by meltwater from the Lenangsbreen Glacier. It is a 40-minute drive west and then north from Lyngseidet to the east coast of Jægervatn Lake where there is a car park. From there, it’s a scenic 1½-hour hike to Blåisvatnet (the Blue Lake). This hiking experience is best in summer and the fall. The lake’s famous blue coloration is most prominent on sunny days.

While you may not need to break through ice to enjoy a swim, you will always find the water to be icy cold because of its glacial source. However, it is a popular location for swimming because of its clear blue water and breathtaking scenery.

#5. Hike beneath the midnight sun

The Lyngen Alps offers many hiking possibilities and breathtaking views

You may have heard about days that last for 24 hours but experiencing them is another thing. Because the Lyngen Peninsula is within the Arctic Circle, the midnight sun is a reality here during the summer. The best way to experience this incredible natural phenomenon is on a midnight hike through the Lyngen Alps.

The Lyngen Peninsula boasts mountains, waterfalls, Alpine lakes, fjord views, and lush valleys. Hike overnight for views few people have ever seen of the sun shining down on a sparkling lake in the middle of the night.

To make the most of your Lyngen hike, ensure you enlist the help of a local professional guide. An experienced guide will take you to the best viewpoints and ensure you don’t miss any spectacular sights as you walk under the sun for the whole night.

#6. Come face-to-face with whales

A lone Orca whale saying hello to it’s spectators

You’re probably familiar with the story of Jonah and the Whale, and that may give you a healthy respect for the largest living mammals on the planet. However, there’s no danger in sailing close to these beautiful creatures, and the Norwegian fjords around the Lyngen Peninsula are a fantastic location for whale-watching.

Annually from late October to mid-February, whales flock to the fjords to feast on the ample herring shoals. Killer whales, humpback whales, and porpoises can be watched from tour boats in the Lyngenfjord. On one of these whale safaris, you can come face-to-face with whales as they breach the waves.

#7. Ride on a dog sled

Huskies are always eager to go on a run

Who doesn’t love huskies? In Lyngen, you can learn how to drive a team of Alaskan Huskies through the Lyngen Alps. Riding on a dog sled is a unique way to explore the beautiful landscape of the Svensby area.

The dog sleds are two-man vehicles, where one person is the “musher” and the other the passenger. On a dogsledding adventure, you can learn from an expert dogsledder and then swap places to drive the sled yourself. This is the opportunity of a lifetime for any dog-lover.