The top 3 -Reasons to make the most out of autumn colors in Lyngen

Are you considering an autumn get-away? Let us convince you why Lyngen is the place to go

Autumn reflections in lake

Autumn colours at Aspevatnet by @frida_xiang

Ruska – the Finnish word that describes the colors of leaves

Take a deep breath of crispy fresh breeze of fall. Get energized by the colors, store it inside, you will need it as the days get shorter while the polar night is approaching. “Ruska” is a rapidly transient phenomenon, so NOW you have to hurry a little to get the best bites of this colourful season between the fjords and the mountains!

1. The yummy treasures of nature

Autumn edibles in the arctic

Berries from IG by @snannannaa

The berry and mushroom season has started strong in the Lyngen area. Blueberries are covering the grassy fields and mushrooms are popping in the shelter of forests. If fresh fish or harvesting mussels is closer to your interest, the temperature is still pleasant so that you don’t have to freeze your fingers numb.
This is the time for filling the tummy and the freezer with ecological food.

If you are not sure about which berries or mushrooms are safe for consumption, we would recommend reading up on it or going out with a guide. Alternatively you could of course stop by our office and we would be glad to give some advice and directions!

2. The hiding paths

Mountainbiking in Lyngen

There’s many scenic bike trails along the Lyngen peninsula. @snannannaa

Many people have probably had a hectic summer with a lot of activities. What would the peace of nature sound like? Lyngen is full of hidden gems for outdoor lovers. Whether you are interested in hiking or mountain biking you can find fun trails around the mountains. Open the maps, apps and ask tips from the locals.

3. The photoshoot season

Grab your camera and head out. There’s no need to add any extra colour in Instagram pictures at the moment as nature is already bursting with saturated colours, as an added bonus nights are also getting darker meaning there’s a good chance you could also catch the northern lights and star filled skies during the night.

If you need trail recommendations stop by our office or download the Lyngenfjord hiking guide here

Autumn colours

Crisp Autumn colours allows for many interesting photo opportunities @snannannaa